Introducing Charlie and Ashley!

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Introducing charlie and ashley a 2018 bash couple!

 Soon to be married on August 25, 2018.

Here at Bash Event Planning & Design, we cherish our clients love story! Because of this, we decided to write a monthly blog post introducing our lovely couples to the world! We hope you enjoy learning about our wonderful couple Charlie and Ashley, as we prepare for their upcoming NUPTIALS!

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Ashley and Charlie went to High School together, although Ashley claims she and Charlie barely spoke, he claims he was chasing her all this time… but we’ll save that debate for another time. Fast forward to a few years later in 2012, a fun, young, and beautiful lady named Ashley gets invited to a cool, older, and hip birthday party for a guy named, Charlie. The birthday party was at a Tiger's game where the two of them spent the whole night laughing and playing around. Ever since that summer, they have been inseparable! In 2017, after five years of being together, Charlie asked Ashley to marry him on the beach of Costa Rica. They were (and still are) overflowing with love and happiness.

Now, let's talk wedding!

Q + A

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When you got engaged, what were you most excited about for your wedding?

“Planning! I was so excited I couldn’t wait to get started! Going in I thought I could handle it, I am such a planner I thought I can totally do this. But, I really don’t know what I would have done without Bash – my head would be flying off! There are just so many details that are extremely hard to navigate, such as what is good pricing, or who is a reliable vendor. Bash really kept my head on a string!”

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What would you say is the feel you are aiming for on your wedding day?

“I would say, romantic, warm, airy, intimate and untamed.”

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What are you most excited about your guest experience?

“I think because our venue is in a small town that most of our friends haven’t heard of, I am excited to see their surprise as to how beautiful of an atmosphere we are creating. I have this vision, now that we are further along in the process as to what each part of the venue will look like for our guests and each part of the evening is a different reveal. I am so excited for everyone to see it all together!”

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What do you think your favorite part of the wedding will be?

“I think since we aren’t doing a first look, I am most excited about walking down the aisle and seeing Charlie’s reaction (swoon)!” - Ashley 

"The first dance! I think I will be so excited and nervous being in the spotlight." - Charlie 

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If you could give a future bride any advice what would it be?

“I seriously am not saying this because it’s you, but I don’t know what I would do without a planner. It has been so much more helpful than I ever imagined. Having someone to go to even just to get opinions has been beyond helpful and I am so appreciative!”

We hope you enjoyed learning about this couple and their wedding as much as we did, but for now - let's swoon over these gorgeous engagement photos taken by the ever talented BAM PHOTO!

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