Introducing Sarah and Shaun!

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Introducing Sarah and Shaun a 2018 bash couple!

 Soon to be married on May 5th, 2018.

With over a year of planning under our belt for Sarah and Shaun's big day, we are so excited to share with you the inside scoop behind the couple and wedding day! We hope you enjoy learning about our wonderful couple, as we prepare for their big day in may!



Sarah and Shaun both live in the great city of San Francisco. They met at a wig themed birthday party - she was wearing a bright pink wig, and he was wearing a black rocker wig. She thought he was hilarious, he thought she was witty, needless to say - they hit it off! Shortly after that night they kept crossing paths all over the city, one would say it was fate.... They fell in love, and before you know it they were off to a vacation together to Freiburg, Germany. Shaun told Sarah they would not be getting engaged on vacation "traveling with a ring is just too dangerous!" As one would guess - he totally lied! He proposed along the city river walk, and Sarah could not have been more shocked, ecstatic, and delighted!

Now, let's talk wedding!

Q + A

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When you got engaged, what were you most excited about for the wedding?

"I was most excited to have this huge party with all of my friends and family. So, for me the guest list was super intriguing. I was also excited with the wonder of the big day, and the vision for the wedding. What kind of ambiance to expect. I was super attracted to the idea of a fairy tale wedding without being overly cliché. The whimsical elements we have created with the decor, has really got me excited!"


What do you want guests to feel when they walk into your wedding?

“I want people to feel a sense of classic elegance, and a part of this regal ethereal story book. I want them to have the same feeling I will have on my wedding day - I want them to be enchanted! The decor is so unique! It is going to be something they have never seen before. I know that they will have nothing to compare it to, and I know that they will leave thinking it was nothing they ever expected.”

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What do you think will be your favorite part of the wedding day?

“I really think it will be just taking the entire day in. There has been so much preparation, and I can't wait to see it all come together. I know it will be very special and I am happy I get to share it will my friends and family!"


What would you say you found the most valuable when hiring bash for your wedding?

"It was so nice to have someone who was so creative, and who could pull in all of my various ideas and bring it into one cohesive vision. I am so excited about everything Bash has come up with, and to have a distinctive vision really helped me make those decisions. I would have been lost! I was able to get all these great ideas from Bash and I couldn't be more thankful. When I was given three great options, I knew whatever I picked out of the three - they would all be amazing so there was no wrong decision. That piece of mind was huge! I always had a worry about execution, whereas with Bash I know the execution will be there.”

We hope you enjoyed learning about this couple and their wedding! follow us on instagram to see live updates during their big day in may!